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Georg Weber entrepreneur

I am a Vienna based entrepreneurship enthusiast with a passion for all things digital

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At Work

I try to revolutionize and democratice venture capital.

We do this by easily bringing together visionary investors with strong founding teams.

Off Work

I am passionate to learn about what moves the digital industries forward and what brings people closer and more efficiently together.

What I bring to the table

My Story

growing up in beautiful Vorarlberg, Austria as the oldest one of five kids, I learned from a very early point on what it means to work in teams. You need to help each other out, make compromises and deal with your little fights in order to grow together.

This helped me throughout my career, be it in venture capital, management consulting or even my short stint in professional (Austrian) basketball.

Before I started high school I knew that starting my own ventures is what I ultimately want to do. After a few early steps during my time in college I realized, that I still have so much to learn that it would be better to start your career with looking at mistakes that other entrepreneurs make, so that you don’t have to do all of them yourself.

This is why I started working at primeCROWD, where we are building our startup while simultaneously with it helping other startups get funding.

Where I’ve Worked

2018 - Now

Startup Manager &
Head of Digital

2015 - 2018

Co-Founder /
Development Analyst


Management Consulting Intern


Website restructuring & analysis

@WU Wien

Because a picture says more than a thousand words.

Me in action
(Pictures with computers, where actually the most action happens, left out on purpose 😉 ).




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